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Have you encountered a challenge in your business or do you want to grow your business activity? A mentor can help and support with your business challenges. On this page you can find mentors with insight on social entrepreneurship. Mentoring is voluntary based and their services are free of charge.

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Pete Karumo


Digital solutions Internationalization

Pete has a diverse international background.

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Pete has worked in different international technology giants and he also has experience in entrepreneurship. He is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in creating innovative digital solutions and market entry strategies for B2B businesses. Pete has insight in and innovation ecosystems are part of his expertise.

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Pauliina Söderholm


Funding Idea Development

Pauliina has a long history of having her own business and working as a business advisor.

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Pauliina has wide experience from different sectors, such as social and health services, education and work as well as in projects related to immigration. Business idea development and funding are part of her expertise.

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Henri Valvanne

Social Entrepreneur

Idea Development

Henri is a founder of the psychotherapy search service Minduu.

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Henri has been a social entrepreneur for ten years. When Henri himself started his business, he received support from experienced social entrepreneurs and wants now to provide his own expertise to people in a same situation. Henri’s strengths are analytical thinking, straightforwardness and fairness.

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Eva Wissenz

Social entrepreneur

Communication Leadership

Eva is a social entrepreneur in solar energy since 2012.

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Eva is passionate about impact, women empowerment, transformative leadership and non-violent communication. She has created workshops to help young entrepreneurs clarify their vision and maintain team cohesion. She is a speaker and a writer and she has published 14 fictions and essays sharing her vision of a world led by more cooperation. Before her life in Finland, Eva worked as a freelancer in tourism, publishing and art industries in Paris for 18 years.

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Are you interested in supporting and mentoring new social entrepreneurs? Would you like to contribute to the creation and development of socially impactful business solutions?

Social entrepreneurs need many kind of skills and competences to develop their business. We are looking for mentors with expertise in business development and previous mentoring experience and social entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge with fellow social entrepreneurs.

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